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Well, I'm a 16 year old girl from a little village in Denmark. I go to school, work and do gymnastics. I enjoy reading, and I don't have one particular favorite kind of story, but I like to read many different ones... I haven't written any stories or fics, and I don't plan on it... I love to read, but my writing skills is less than impressive!! -So don't expect me to write any stories in the near future!! ;D
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The Arabian Desert
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The Alpha Seduced Me (On...
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My Muted Mate.
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Very sweet oneshot!! :)
Larry Stylinson: One Shots

Oh, I hope you'll update soon!! The stories just so good!! I'm addicted!! xD
Your heart

"Wheres soft and fluffy?" Oh God!! I LOVED that!! ;P
Drunk [Ziall Short Story]

Oh yes I got my Zianourry ending!! This is awesome!! ;D
Kidnapped and loved (Niam/N...

I'm not trying to complain or be annoying, but even though I'll read these last chapters. I think that I'm going to imagine my own little...
Kidnapped and loved (Niam/N...

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