Ello, my names Benjamin, please call me Ben. One of my best mates told me about this site and since I love to read I thought why not join.

Well....about me hmmmm

-I'm British, I'm from England but moved to the US 
-Yes, that is me in the profile photo
-LOVE to read 
-I'm bisexual 
-I guess I'm emo...
-I do cut 
-Fairly tall, I'm 6'5 
-I have a condition called OCD, I get all freaked out when a book-bag isn't zipped up all the way 
-I have many more other conditions, sigh, makes life harder and harder every day 
-I'm a grammar freak >.<
-I'm a quite guy 
-I love photography 
-You honestly can't make me mad 
-I love walking in the rain 

Dont mess with my wifey @PandaLovesNarwhal Love chu darling c: Mess with her, I will hunt you down, kill you, burn you, and dance on your ashes...got it!, Good, have a great day now! c: or my Squishy baby @Karmas_aBitch I made her, somehow I made her, and shes my squishy baby c: oh oh and this girl @xSetTheWorldOnFIrex Shes just amazing, a great person, your alive hun..stay that way, so stay strong, I believe in you c: Shes my pickle c: Be Jelli 

I honestly can't think of anything else to say. If you want to know more just ask.
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