I’ve been told that I give bad hugs. People say it feels like I’m trying to escape. It’s probably because I am. Secretly, I get really nervous every time someone gets close enough to hear me breathe.

I have an odd fascination with ice sculptures and sand castles. I assume it’s because I usually find myself dedicating time to things that will only last a few moments.

I’m clumsy.
Yesterday I tripped over my self-esteem, landed on my pride, and it shattered like a cell phone with a broken face.
Now I can’t even tell who’s trying to give me a compliment.
I have solar power confidence and a battery operated smile.

My hobbies include:
Editing my life story.
Hiding behind metaphors.
And trying to convince my shadow that I’m someone worth following.


I'm Sam. you might know me as Jacob. yes, I used to be a boy, now I'm a girl. I joined when I was 16. now I'm 20. I've seen some shit. if your picture is fake, I'll call your shit out. I don't care. 
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