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Well I see you standing there; and your eyes are unaware that I've been staring at them all night, wishing the brain behind them cared about the way you make me feel or how your smile makes me nervous or how the fact that you exist makes me feel like I have a purpose.

I'm sick of lying in your bed while we're both laying down. You say you want me for a friend. I hope you know I hate that sound. But I will bite my tongue because I hate when you're pissed off. But you should know I need your touch like falling rain on thirsty crops.

Damn you. Why won't you drop your guard? The space between our lips is bound to break my ever aching heart. And I am sure that you will never find a man that is ever gonna love you more. So why won't you love me?

Well I hate your cigarettes and the men that you go see, because one is killing you, while the other's killing me. But I know that you'll stay stubborn because you know I'll stay alone. 'Cause we both know, inside your grasp, is the only place I feel at home.

Now I sit with my guitar. Write you one more stupid song. I hate the way you make me feel like I'm doing something wrong. But you'll just have to deal with all the things that I have mentioned and I hope this song is golden like the point of my intentions. 

Now the deed is done and there is nothing left to say. Prayed to the God you don't believe in, that you'll love me some day. So when the years go by and you forget how much I care; Put in this song and sing along so your heart will be aware.

It's like giving up on everything that you believe to put your trust in someone that stole your heart right of your sleeve.

And I'm so sure that you will never find a man that is ever gonna love you more.
But you just won't love me. 


Poems I Wish I Wrote.

Poems I Wish I Wrote.

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poems I wish that I wrote.
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I figured if I threw my thoughts out, they wouldn't be able to find a way back into my head. these are not my own. these are not myself. these thoughts need a place to rest ... read more
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i was supposed to finish this. but asjkdsh. I couldn't replicate the feellings i had while i wrote this. so its crappy. sorrynotsorry.
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Poems I Wish I Wrote.

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Poems I Wish I Wrote.

@omgitsbell power of poetry.
Poems I Wish I Wrote.

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Poems I Wish I Wrote.

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