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So, how's it going? :)



                                      Hello. I'm nineteen. My name is Belinda.

                     Love to make friends, so don't be shy to drop by and say hi! :D

                     You can call me Belle, or Bella, whatever tickles your pickle.

                                 I speak English and Spanish. As well as write.

                                 I love to read, and I just recently started to write.

                                                           Wohoo! >w<

               I really enjoy staying at home to simply chill like the ice-cube that I am. 

                                     I love books, I listen to music like it's a drug.

                                                   I love food. ☁ Nomnom

          Don't do drugs, alcohol, self-harm, exercise, diets, and many other things. 

                                       Back to school. Yay, let the learning commence!




The Day I Died

The Day I Died

3 parts / 6 pages, updated Jun 01, 2012PG-13
Being ignored by your friends like you are a plague isn't the greatest of feelings. Unfortunately for Claire that's her only reality. There was once a time in which she was... read more
499 reads votes 34 comments 22
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asdfghjkl; Why thank you! And you're very welcome! Hehe, glad to read/hear that my little mash of random words make you smile! Wohoo! :D
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