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Okay. So. 

I'm Dylan and I have this FIANCE  who wanted me to do his bio. 

His name is Hunter

And he's mine. ♥July 17,2014♥

He's eighteen years old. 

He likes animals e.e 
Maybe he'll be a vet when he's older o.o 

He likes cats dogs and birds and things 

I'll get him a kitty for our one week cx 


Hunter's really cuddly and we cuddle a lot and kiss and stuff c;
Yaaaaahhhhh be jealous >.> 

He says he gets angry easily but I haven't seen it yet and I hope I don't ever /_\ 

His fave shows:
♥Doctor Who 
♥Being Human 
♥Lost Girl 
♥Game of Thrones
♥Investigation Discovery Channel

°Dont talk to him if these shows are on. Only I can°

My baby:
•Rides a skateboard (sexy af) 
•Can play a little piano and guitar (even more sexy) 


God. I love you so fucking much. Its pretty obvious,I know it is. When I'm with you its like nothing is wrong with the world. I'm selfish and I want to keep you all to myself because your cuddles and kisses and love are great and I need them forever. I want us to be that old couple sitting on the swings on our front porch married forever with grand kids running around.
I'll always love you. 

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