Good morning, afternoon, night, wherever you are at whatever time of day it is, I just hope you're having an amazing day! 
      Starting off: How freaking amazing are the boys in my profile picture? Louis Tomlinson & Liam Payne ... What babes <3
      Facts about me? Well,
      - Netball
      ^ Is the most amazing sport. Ever. 
      ^ Dear lord, I'd be lost without it!
      ^^ Please, feel free to post your stories on my profile, I'd love to read them!
      -I'm on wattpad because I love to write
      ^ I have like, ten billion stories that are only half finished on my laptop :)
      ^^ I write for myself, but it'd be awesome if you checked out my stories
      -I love talking to people
      ^ So please, feels free to talk to me
      ^^ Unless you're a hater. If you are, please go away. 
      ^^^ Or if your a stalker. Thats just creepy.
      -I have a unicorn
      ^ Yes, this is true his name is Charlie
      ^^ He bites. A lot.
      -I'm fouteen
      ^ Which means yes, I do in fact attend school
      -I am OBSESSED with ONE DIRECTION <3
      ^ ... need I say more? 
      ^^ Actually yes, I do need to say more. VGHKJTEU%$^TUGHVJK I LOVE ONE DIRECTION SO MUCH. MASSIVE FANGIRL ALERT. 
      ^^^ Sorry for my outburst. 
      -I can't keep my mouth shut
      ^ This is both a good and bad thing: It can get me into trouble. Lots of trouble.
      -I'm nice, but not nice enough for someone to walk all over me
      ^ Don't test this. It's for the best.
      -I hate, hate rude people.
      ^ seriously, it's unnecessary. Just don't be that person.
      -I have this obsessive need to be right
      ^ I'm never wrong.
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Description: “We’re lethal, dangerous and most importantly, we belong the Academy. We’re their property.” I'm Gabby Brookes, I'm sixteen years old and training to kill. So I wouldn't get on my bad side if I were you. I live at Saint Hadwin’s Academy, a school...