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._. hai guys. 
It won't be likely that I'll continue these stories. My schedule has made it nearly impossible for me, and I don't really feel anything for the stories anymore. 

Thanks for supporting me all this time c: 
If you'd like to keep in touch please personally message me. xD


The Moderate [a Vampire/Slave story]

The Moderate [a Vampire/Slave story]

30 parts / 66 pages, updated Jul 03, 2011PG-13
Milton buys a slave, Hayden. When he first sees her, he confuses her for a boy, but her gender is quickly found out. What will happen when he starts to see her for who she really is?
140,030 reads votes 921 comments 170
The Suicidal Freak's Wall [boyxboy]

The Suicidal Freak's Wall [boyxboy]

5 parts / 14 pages, updated Jun 28, 2011PG-13
Kadence Evans has had a skin problem since the seventh grade. His appearance has caused him to turn into an antisocial, isolated, and painfully shy teena... read more
17,928 reads votes 241 comments 77
Yellow Cake and a Rose [boyxboy]

Yellow Cake and a Rose [boyxboy]

25 parts / 68 pages, updated Jun 27, 2011PG-13
a boyxboy romance between a shy freshman, Will Couture, and a collected, cool headed senior, Khyber Graham. :DDDD
387,031 reads votes 2,502 comments 407


1 page, updated Nov 04, 2010
602 reads votes 12 comments 9

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@Xxdarkshadow69xX hurhhurhurhur i am trying :3 i want to publish a new chapter by today maybe not =.= QQ
The Suicidal Freak's Wall [...

@Rocker67 Thank you, I appreciate your patience. ^_^
The Suicidal Freak's Wall [...

@Rocker67 I'm rewriting them. It seems like all of a sudden the story is gone, but this decision is going to better for the readers because I...
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@kcrose11 I'm glad you didn't think it was a typo and actually got it. :D And thanks! :D
The Suicidal Freak's Wall [...

@Purplewolf Yes I am still on wattpad. I have updated twice in the year 2011. :P I hope to be writing more. xD