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well, hi!!!!!!!! this website is like heaven all in one screen. anyways let get formalities outa the way, k? k! :D

so i'm loverboy, ik but plain but i like the name.
i don't know what people be saying " don't go putting your age online" i say "people i ma do what i can do can kaboom here it is"
i'm 15 so i'm a freshmen getting ready to become a sophmore in high school
i'm a male as far as i know ;). lol

i'm gay. so woot woot. lol

and i'm from Houston, so if you from here to0 lets, shall we,lets. hehe jk.

and... what else..... ummmm.... well i love poetry and writing stories i guess.

my favorite colors are: red, blue, green, black, and of course purple.

i have a chihuahua, 4 birds, and 3 rabbits. cool ik. 

shh don't tell anyone this,but my absolute fears are: insects, some underwater life, not living but only passing life by, and maybe the biggest of all dying witht the knowledge that i never brightened anyones day or made one happy thus dying along in a long forgotten house in the corner of a dead forsaken town or village..... 

i guess that's all bye


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Wanderer's View from Afar

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The Truth

The Truth

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