Hey guys my (pen) name is Jude Hawkins but my real name is Wes.  I use a pen name because i didnt think my name sounded attractive as a writer, stupid thought though :P.  I am 19 and, am currently under the progress of writing my second short novel.  My first is called "Survival Of the Fittest".  I believe every writer has that one piece of work that they can be proud of and claim to be where it all started.  Thats what Survival of the Fittest is to me, its my baby.  I love music, it inspires me to write out of nowhere, and sometimes i will just flow with the music and end up writing a  deep poem (I LOVE POETRY) heres what ive been listening too lately
      Mumford and Sons
      Paolo Nutini
      Led Zeppelin (ALL TIME FAVORITE BAND)
      Fleet Foxes
      Wilderness of Manitoba 
      The Glitch Mob
      Animal Collective
      Biffy Cyro
      Three Days Grace
      My Chemical Romance
      My Morning Jacket 
      Thats all for now so ya :)
      i would also like for everyone to  try  and share it with their fans so i can get more feedback on it, its not that i dont appreciate what i have now because that is definitly not the case, i love that people are reading my story i just want it more out there on wattpad, and if that were to happen, id be eternally grateful for everyone who helped me.  thank you all my fans and people who read my stories i really appreciate it :)
      [X]100 reads on "Survival of the Fittest"
      [X] 100 reads on "A Shattered Soul"
      [X]50 reads on "My Angel"
      [X]50 reads on "Shadows"
      [  ]50 reads on "Responsibility"
      [X]25 fans
      [X]200 reads on "Survival of the Fittest"
      [X] 200 reads on "A Shattered Soul"
      [  ]100 reads on "My Angel"
      [  ]100 reads on "Shadows"
      [  ]100 reads on "Responsility"
      [  ]50 fans
      [  ]100 fans
      [X]500 reads on "Survival of the Fittest"
      [  ] 500 reads on "A Shattered Soul"
      [  ] 1000 reads on "Survival of the Fittest"
      [X] "A Shattered Soul" in top 100 in the Thriller genre
      [X] "Survival of the Fittest" in top 100 in the Adventure genre
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A Shattered Soul

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Description: Taegun Pryce is a rogue Black Ops agent who saw his team and best friend killed by the henchmen of terrorist who helped conspire the 9/11 attacks. Now Taegun is living day by day as a hired gun in the drug trade of Thailand. Making new friends among...

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A pantoum I am writing for my portfolio for my Creative Writing class

Love Will Fly, Rumors Will Lie

Love Will Fly, Rumors Will Lie

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Another piece for my Creative Writing class, a villanelle.

The Pen in my Hands, Is my Meaning to Write

The Pen in my Hands, Is my Meaning to Write

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A sestinas poem that is one of the most difficult I have ever written. In the end, I was happy with it...

My Rapunzel

My Rapunzel

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A ghazal poem which turned out to be really fun, but border line creepy :P


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