Hi! I'm Jordy (or Rory by some). It's nice to meet you. 

I'm a writer, an artist, an acosmist, a philosophunculist and an aeolist. I'm pretentious and boring. But I'm honest and friendly, if you dare put up with my occasional rants.

The stories added are just some stuff that I've written over the years. None of it good, none of it remarkable. Just words. 

I'm hardly on Wattpad anymore, sorry. Will try more often. Maybe upload some of the good stuff.

Thanks :)
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The Vacant Stars [[Coming Soon]]

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Description: Sunniva was painfully aware of the Fool’s incessant gaze. He must have seen her, must have noticed. She had tried to hide the creeping deep blue pigment that seeped throughout the room. The stain that wrapped its icy tendrils around the omnipotent W...

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