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1 question.1 honest answer. You can ask me 1 question ( IN A PRIVATE MESSAGE ) about anything, no matter how crazy, publicly indecent, embarrassing or wrong it is. No catch! I will answer, but I dare you to post this too!! good luck!!

Some uninteresting facts about me...

+I have always written stories, though I hardly ever finished them

+Good Charlotte, Smashmouth, P!NK, Queen,  <3


+I love the rain

+I read ALL the time!

+I'm sixteen, though don't let my age put you off. ;P

+I'm an editor, too. Message me if you want me to edit your work

+I love hearing feed back, whether it's good or bad :D

+My name is Jordy (derr) but I go by Rory sometimes.

+I'm VERY picky with grammar and punctuation, though I make a lot of mistakes in my own work (thats why editors have editors)

+I don't wear dresses by choice

+I want to be an OBGYN when I graduate

+I have a phobia of beaches! Which is weird since I live in Australia

+ I live in Australia!!



And my email:



A Little Book of Poems

A Little Book of Poems

5 parts / 1 page, updated May 02, 2014PG
Some short, fun poems
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Child Of The Mockingjay

Child Of The Mockingjay

11 parts / 44 pages, updated Apr 14, 2014PG-13Video
"Sienna Mellark, the 94th Hunger Games tribute for District 12!" The odds will never be in this families favour as Sienna - the daughter of the star-cro... read more
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Short Story Collections

Short Story Collections

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Who doesn't love to read short stories? Take a glance at these lovely (or not so lovely) stories and change the way you see the world....
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The Hunger Games Short Story Collections

The Hunger Games Short Story Collections

3 parts / 4 pages, updated Oct 04, 2012GPictures
This is a collection of short stories about the characters and events which happened in the Hunger Games, by Suzzanne Collins
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Percy Jackson Poem

Percy Jackson Poem

1 page, updated Sep 21, 2012GCompleted
This is a poem about Percy Jackson and his friends from Camp Half-Blood beating up some really old guy called Kronos!
888 reads votes 22 comments 20
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