Status: errggghhh...nvr thought of a plot for my that iv'e come this far i dunno how to continue it D:, so yea, gonna have 2 start over (1 year ago)


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I'm a Malaysian. I'm a Chinese and a Christian. I loved reading ever since I was a small kid. I still get scolded because I read books at the dinner table. Heh. Anyway, ever since a friend introduced me to this side, I kind of got hooked to it. BUT I still would prefer an old fashioned paper book any time! 

Then I started writing a book, Aether. I can't wait to finish it. Oh, I'm 16 years old. Well, nearly 16 years old. I like playing chess and any sports that engages the mind and involves the use of my arms/hands. I'm a hopeless case with football or anything that requires a lot of leg usage.

I only know two language; English and Malay. Yes, you other Chinese who read this will probably be thinking "Banana!" right now. Meaning I'm a Chinese but don't know Chinese. 

Ah, and just one more thing.
If I fan you than it means I friend you, not fan you.
If I vote you, than you got my support and that you write really well!


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So suspense :P but why so short?
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