2. I LOVE IKUTO 
      3.  I'm a Filipino AND a CHRISTIAN
      Now believe in God and he will guide you onto your wattpad lives.
      Quotes/ things I mostly say:
      1. Ikuto
      2. Rape (?) (Well, it's mostly to get people from tickling you to the death)
      3. Anime
      4. LOL
      5. Nyan~
      'Home is where our feet may leave, but never our hearts.' 
      'Love always comes by itself, but finding a true friend is way harder than that. I don't care how broken I am right now but if my best friends are here to comfort me, that is more than enough.'
      Favorite Vocaloid character (boy and girl) : 
       Gumi (I could relate so much to her and her songs)
       Kaito (He is smexy just like Ikuto! BUT! His videos are mostly of him acting like a the leader of the loli-  brigade) <- yes, there is a group called that.
      P.S. It's Mikuo and him if Mikuo was only an offical vocaloid, so if he is and I'm wrong, TELL. ME. NOW! pweesh...
      Favorite Japanese song of all time since I discovered it:  Sorry To You! (I just <3 it!)
      ❒ Taken
      ❒ Single
      ✔ Mentally dating hot/sexy anime characters (IKUTO!!!)
        `·.¸.·´  He doesn't know it,
      ¸.☯·´¸.·¨) ¸.·¨) but I love him.
      (¸.·´ (¸.✿·´ (¸.☠·¨¯`♥
      ❒ Single ❒ Taken ✔ In a relationship (with CHOCOLATE! Nyahahaha)
      ╚╝╚╩╝╚╩╩╩╩╩═╝     Now who loves or even likes it too? Come on... Don't be shy!
      TO THE 
       █▀█░ █░░░█░ █▀▀░ ▄▀▀▄░ ▄▀▀▀▄░ █▀▄▀█░ █▀▀
       █▀█░ █░█░█░ █▀░░ ▀▄▄▄░ █░░░█░ █░░░█░ █▀░  -NESS
       █░█░ ▀▄▀▄▀░ █▄▄░ ▀▄▄▀░ ▀▄▄▄▀░ █░░░█░ █▄▄
      OF ANIME!!! 
      (='.'=) This is Bunny. Copy Bunny into your signature or profile to 
      (")_(") help him on his way to world domination 
      Now COPY him and....... BYE ~nya... ;3 <- signature or mark
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