A little about myself... I write mostly science fiction and fantasy, usually somewhere between the two. No idea what my genre would be. Wizards in space! Or something like that.  I'm a husband and a father. I try to be a teacher whenever I can be. Otherwise, I mountain bike play as much Frisbee as short Saskatchewan summer allows and game in the spare minutes I have between everything else.

Read as much as you can, write as often as you're able. Remember, writers make good books, but communities make GREAT books.

Any questions? Send me a PM, I'd probably like to know you better!


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Wolves at the Gate
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Snuff, Terry Pratchett (READ)
Crucible of Gold, Naomi Novik(READ)
Blood of Tyrants, Naomi Novik(READ)
The Long Earth, Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter(READING!)
The Borribles, Michael de Larrabeiti
The Fifteen lives of Harry August, Claire North(READ)


When asked how to get published, Neil Gaiman said "Write. Finish things. Keep writing."


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Description: There is more than one world and all are linked; some closely and some distant. When a Prophesy in another world is forcibly changed, no one considers the far reaching ramifications. Echoes ripple like earthquakes through realities and events come t...

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Piper Sorrows

Piper Sorrows

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A man of Sorrows looking to complete himself and serve a broken Kingdom. ...



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When his family and all recorded history of his family is destroyed, a young Prince must quickly grow in...



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This is just me writing. Likely chapters will change from day to day as I add and edit. It's a live docu...

.:Angel Home:.

.:Angel Home:.

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In a dying Universe being poisoned by the Scourge a band of survivors aboard the living township Tamarac...

JohnGunningham commented on Mirror Mirror - Written in Stone

Hey, thanks for the comment! There's definitely some tuning to be done, right now I'm just struggling to get some more of it written, quite honestly. Completely agree about the strong start, it'll get there.
      Thanks for reading!
JohnGunningham commented on The Real Ram - Chapter 1

I take it back. less 'Dark Angel' and more X-Men, maybe Harry Potterish ... . I think @ChristophMaximus down there got it about right. You've got some skills, your writing has a good pace and a good quality to it. It might be a little plain, but that's just a style and I'm pretty sure you could keep this pace up indefinitely. So that's cool.
      I still have the problem that you've yet to produce a hook. Think about it like this, take your favorite book (maybe even the one that inspired you to write this) be it Hunger Games, or Twlight or whatever. Crack that book open (or load it on your kindle) and read the first line, the first page and think about what that writer wrote there to make you want to keep reading. 
      I love Frank Herbert's Dune. Here's his first line "In the week before their departure to Arrakis, when all the final scurrying about had reached a nearly unbearable frenzy, an old crone came to visit the mother of the boy, Paul." BANG, right out of the gate in one sentence, Herbert forces the reader to ask a ton of questions. Who is Paul? What's Arrakis? Who is the old crone and what does she want? You're one sentence into a 300+ page book and you need to keep reading to figure this stuff out.
      You've got a lot of stuff posted up here, which is awesome! honestly, I struggle to finish anything. It's hard.  I really found this guy's blog helpful. He's a published short story writer you'll never have heard of but what he says in this series made too much sense for me to not re-quote him places.
      Catch you around!
JohnGunningham commented on The Real Ram

Hey. So .... yeah
      Ok I can write a better comment than that. Basically what you've done is create a setting, which is great. Setting is pretty darn important. And you've established your main character and some of her back story. Also great. The thing you're missing is your inciting incident. You're missing the hook. No matter what you read or know about writing, you can not forsake the hook. Otherwise this page has just outlined the premise for Dark Angel ... kinda. ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dark_Angel_(TV_series) )
      Anywho, solid writing. Gonna skip over to Chapter one and see if there's any more dialogue.

      You've def got short chapters. Writing is solid, concept is intriguing. Begs the question, if you knew exactly the day you were to die, would you be crushed or empowered? How would society restructure itself? Would power go to those that were destined to live longer? Would the going-to-die-young live recklessly knowing their time isn't yet? What of war?
      Then there's always the interesting  concept of how knowing one's fortune influencing the before mentioned fortune. There's such a thing as self-fulfilling prophesy.
      Neat beginning and kudos for finishing it. In writing, I don't know that there's a great mark of success than being able to finish a project.
      See you around,
Hey all,
      Since I've started writing Mirror Mirror again, I've kind of run out past my notes. Worse still, its been a year or more since I've actually worked on the story. Suffice to say there's a few events here and there I've forgotten about and a few characters who I've misplaced their personalities. So, back to the beginning! It's not great practice to edit before you're finished with a draft, but I'm going to work through the whole story before I continue adding new bits. I don't think anything major will change, but hopefully I'll be able to add some clarity here and there and tighten up the grammar and spelling. 
      As always, thanks for reading my stories. Drop me a PM if you have writing questions or just want to chat, I'm usually around.

Nice opening even though it's a kissing cousin to the 'wake up late'  opening chapter ( http://www.wattpad.com/story/1368298-bad-ways-to-start-a-novel ) Gotta love your take on the whole life after death genre. I can kinda guess your influences haha.
      Good creativity and you've got a decent writing voice. Grammar and spelling are fine and the chapter has a good pace. I'd question why you'd even have the scene leading up the elevator, but maybe you'll have characters coming back into the story? it seems really rushed.
      Check out what this writer did with a similar introduction chapter, just jumping right into the mystery: http://www.wattpad.com/story/3662567-her-red-city-wattyawards2013-entry-new-version
      Too bad it's Chimps that greet you in the afterlife instead of something a little more ... compassionate? haha.
      Congrats on getting awarded for the story. I'll see if I have time to read some more.
JohnGunningham commented on Mirror Mirror - Interlude

That was the idea :) I've always been a fan of chapter headers like this to fill in what's going on. Frank Herbert used this method a lot in his books and while his story has so much more depth than mine, I find these 'historical textbook' style bits work better than having info dumps inside the story itself.
      Thanks again for continuing to read!
JohnGunningham commented on The Black Tide - Chapter 1

Ah hah! Nice rewrite. It feels like there's a bit more info dump in this version than the last one but I like the emotion. You've got a good balance I think of going from distressed to numb. You might want to make mention in the last parts of what Ava is feeling after, when she's sitting outside:  is she lonely? frustrated? terrified? Just numb and empty? 
      Other than that, nicely done. I see you've got a chapter four written now, I'll see if I can read through most of it today. Dumb things happened at work so I'm waiting around again before I can work on my projects :S