Hello I am Jodie Banks (not really),

No one knows who I really am. Justa girl sharing my stories on Wattpad.
My soul wonders to a broken country that I love. The mission trip I go on once a year is a big part of my life (Profile and background are pictures of it).

If you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all.

I am the new user of this account and to keep the tradition going I will be anonymous and keep the spirit of Jodie Banks. The old user will look at and answer all private messages on this account or can be contacted through her email Jodie55555@live.com (she checks the PMs more than her email). She would like to keep in contact with fans if they want to!
Anyways I can starting the sequel soon and some it has been written by the old user and some by me. It will start in 2011 because that is where Fame Is Like Family ended in. I will write some other stories on this account too and see how this goes. 
The old user has actually started another Wattpad account with more serious stories now that she has found someone to help finish her first story (me)!

Updates hopefully coming soon! (I take AP classes so school comes first, therefore I might not update as often as the old writer and please don't pressure me I hurry on updates)
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Fame is Like Family (A Justin Bieber Love? Story)

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Description: What would it be like to have your brother be best friend with Justin Bieber? Well, this is Madison Butler's everyday life. In this story her brother forces her on world tour with him, Chaz, and Justin. Just so they can set her up. Read this fun-fil...


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Guitar Brat

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Liz sighed before staring at the floor, whispering almost only to herself, “I don’t know where the start...

Fame Runs In The Family

Fame Runs In The Family

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*Sequel to Family Is Like Family* Madison found herself daydreaming about the past all the time. Mostly...

I need someone to help me out just talk to me. My life has felt like it has gone nothing but downhill. I hurt so much and I express through anger. Now my whole family can't stand me because of my anger. I have never felt as loved as I did when I had a Wattpad family four years ago. I need that feeling again. I'm sorry I disappointed you all when I stopped writing I just lost the will to do it. I feel so judged by so-called friends and I don't know to do anymore. 
Writing is really hard now. I just can't anymore. All that I can think about is her, six years old with cancer.