The first thing you should know: I am NOT a writer.  I absolutely LOVE to read though.
 I am Catholic.
My current #1 favorite author is Rick Riordan, but some people here on wattpad are on that 'favorites' list as well.

I like reading stories with mystery, magic, dragons, sword-fighting, and actually pretty much anything that is not reality. I also like a little light romance...but not tooo much and only if it adds to the story. ;)

I dont like computers so i dont have a facebook or anything..this is pretty much it for me and the computer actually. ;)

Things I like to do:
> Read (already said that but had to list t here haha)
> Bake
> Cook (yes there is a differance between those;) )
> take nature walks in the woods (I live in the country and we own alot of land..)
> take pictures
> go riding
> ballet
> listen to music

Some favorite books/series:

> Percy Jackson and the Olympians
> The Heroes of Olympus
> The Sin Eater (i think its by Francine Rivers..?)
> Stepping Heavenward
> ....(blanking on titles at the moment but any of Nancy Springer's books about Sherlock Holmes sister and Robin Hoods daughter)

.....im sure i could go on but i cant think of anymore right now, sorry ;p

Hope that helps you get to know me a little bit!

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