I'm Dominican and live in New York in the United States. I"m 25 years old.. I'm both a shy and outgoing person. When I first meet a person most times I will be really shy but once I feel comfortable with you I'm like a talking parrot that doesn't shut up. I'm a good listener though and will listen to anything you have to say. I may not be able to offer advice all the times or know what to say but I will offer both my ears to listen and my arms for hugs, and my shoulders to cry on. I love to laugh and am really into humor. I'm a helpless romantic and am really into anything to do with romance. I am a bit of an emotional person even when it comes to movies and stories. I will cry if it's a really sad part or if it's a really moving part. I'm into making new friends and would talk to anyone if they wish to talk.

I'm a readaholic. I love to read. I'm mostly into romance stories with happy endings. I read a romance story to escape reality while into the story and live in a fantasy world and if it doesn't end well then I get really down and upset that I woste my time reading it. I love all types of genres though ranging from mystery/suspense, thriller, fantasy, sex stories are fascinating to me, classics, poetry, and everything in between. I'm really into werewolf stories now but like I said before, I like the stories to have romance in it. However, I am not much of a fan of sequels because I feel it makes the story drag. I do not write, I just come to this site to read. I am addicted to this site. I have tought of writing a story here for fun and see if I get any good responses to it from anyone but I don't have that big of a passion to do so, I'm more of a bookworm than a writer.
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Anyone know any good sex stories and/or vampire stories on wattpad?

Anyone know any good sex stories and/or vampire stories on wattpad?

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Jessie137 commented on My twin mates - notice

Yes, I think it's unfair that Connor can't be with his first mate only because he was taken away from his family at birth. He still loves Ally and Lilly needs to find her own mate that doesn't have his first mate still alive (or better yet this would be his first mate).