Oregon Forest Fairy. ENFP. Hufflepuff. Hippie. Writer. Coffee addict. Lifelong Learner. Bookish Bohemian. Nature Lover. Optimistic Idealist. Day Dreamer and Night Thinker.  I love world peace, sustainability, spirituality, transformation, community, organic living, consciousness, expression, compassion, mind expansion, acceptance, exploration, music, poetry, love. 

Rules for Life: 
♥ Embrace Possibility
♥ Acknowledge Your Talents
♥ Create With Abandon
♥ Wear More Colors
♥ Be Fearless
♥ Surprise Yourself and Do The Thing You Didn’t Think You Could Do
♥ Believe In Healing
♥ Speak Of Your Gratitude
♥ Ask Questions
♥ Take The Journey Back To Your Self
♥ Explore The Night Sky
♥ Be Quirky. Be Yourself.
♥ Dance In Your Living Room
♥ Seek Joy
♥ Share Your Story
♥ Surround Yourself With Beauty
♥ Unleash Your Dreams
♥ Begin. Begin.
♥ Remember Your 8 Year Old Self
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