Hi Guys!  

I'm writing fairy tales.  A LOT of fairy tales and I'll be writing them very fast for my publisher StoneHouse Ink. I'll be posting the rough drafts up here as I write them, to give you all a chance to see what they're about. Then I have to take them down once they're published, be sure to read quick!  
So... if you like fairy tales and magical memories, then I suggest you snuggle back in a comfy chair and enjoy! :) 

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My Website: http://authorjennijames.com

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I'm also a mom of 7 kids (3 of which are teens--and cute--ahem. ;) ) When i'm not chasing them, I like to write, dance, sing, act, PAINT, and direct plays.  I was lucky enough to have lived in Portugal and England for almost 9 years!  Right now, we're living in New Mexico and enjoying every moment of it.  

I'm working on a huge project with my new publisher.  I'm doing Paranormal retellings of all the fairy tales in a series titled:

I'll be releasing 20 separate books over the next four years, starting with:
 Beauty and the Beast (June 2012)
Sleeping Beauty (Dec 2012)
Rumplestiltskin (Feb 2013)
Cinderella (Feb 2013)
Snow White 
Hansel and Gretel
The Frog Prince
Twelve Dancing Princesses

Pride & Popularity (AUG 2011)
Northanger Alibi (FEB 2012)
Persuaded (SEP 2012)
Emmalee (JAN 2013)
Mansfield Ranch (NOV 2013)
Sensible & Sensational 
Sand & Sun 
The Wilsons
Queen Sydney

Prince Tennyson (APRIL 2012)

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dana_2ra posted a message to JenniJames
hello :) I just finished reading your book princess and the Frog it was sooo amazing♥♥♥ I loved and enjoyed reading it very much I can't wait to start reading your others ^_^
You are so blessed to actually have your stories published. I am sure that a lot of kids look up to you as a role model and want to be just like you some day in the future. You should be so joyful!
SimmerOnIce posted a message to JenniJames
im not trying to be mean in anyway, its just i dont like the 3rd person views. i prefer if its in  one persons pov then you swich it to another persons pov.
(pov=point of view)
all_taken posted a message to JenniJames
hi JenniJames! I recently read your book The Little Mermaid and I really liked it. But it kind of felt a little cut off and I thought maybe that could be Ariels mother and Trident or something like that. Sorry if I sound rude...:) Thanks though for all of the good reads!