Hi Guys!  
      I'm writing fairy tales.  A LOT of fairy tales and I'll be writing them very fast for my publisher StoneHouse Ink. I'll be posting the rough drafts up here as I write them, to give you all a chance to see what they're about. Then I have to take them down once they're published, be sure to read quick!  
      So... if you like fairy tales and magical memories, then I suggest you snuggle back in a comfy chair and enjoy! :) 
      If you haven't checked out my totally cool Free writing secrets class... Do it! http://jennijameswritingclass.blogspot.com/
      I'm twitterpated: http://twitter.com/Jenni_James
      Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/authorjennijames
      My Blog where I do contests and stuff: http://authorjennijames.blogspot.com
      My Website: http://authorjennijames.com
      JOIN MY NEWSLETTER AND GET ALL THE AWESOME UPDATES OF MY LATEST BOOKS! https://us7.admin.mailchimp.com/lists/desig
      I'm also a mom of 7 kids (3 of which are teens--and cute--ahem. ;) ) When i'm not chasing them, I like to write, dance, sing, act, PAINT, and direct plays.  I was lucky enough to have lived in Portugal and England for almost 9 years!  Right now, we're living in New Mexico and enjoying every moment of it.  
      I'm working on a huge project with my new publisher.  I'm doing Paranormal retellings of all the fairy tales in a series titled:
      I'll be releasing 20 separate books over the next four years, starting with:
       Beauty and the Beast (June 2012)
      Sleeping Beauty (Dec 2012)
      Rumplestiltskin (Feb 2013)
      Cinderella (Feb 2013)
      Snow White 
      Hansel and Gretel
      The Frog Prince
      Twelve Dancing Princesses
      Pride & Popularity (AUG 2011)
      Northanger Alibi (FEB 2012)
      Persuaded (SEP 2012)
      Emmalee (JAN 2013)
      Mansfield Ranch (NOV 2013)
      Sensible & Sensational 
      Sand & Sun 
      The Wilsons
      Queen Sydney
      Prince Tennyson (APRIL 2012)
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Hi. I love your Peter Pan story (I still have yet to read your other books). And I just wanted to ask if you could give me any advice to be a good writer like yourself. It's my dream to be an author one day so I was hoping maybe you could give me a few tips. Thank you! 
JenniJames commented on Peter Pan - Chapter One

Rapunzel isn't completed on this site.  My publisher has released it on ebook though.  Your safest bet is to see how many chapters are up on any of these books.  If there's like 18 or more, then the book is completed.
JenniJames commented on Peter Pan - Chapter One

EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. of my books (Jenni James) are clean.  Every. Single. One.  My 25th book is being written right now.  Tell your dad, how awesome he is!  And how refreshing it is to know he is there watching over your shoulder.  I'm a mom of 7!  I wouldn't dare write anything that couldn't be made into a Disney movie. I wouldn't want to anyway.  :)  So you're safe reading any of mine, any time.   Whether I have a summary or not.  I promise. :)
Mailesmily posted a message to JenniJames
Hey hi yeah I can't speak to other people publicly AT ALL so hah I will try. So I just wanted to say I have actually bought three of you Faerie Tale collection and I am going to be reading them very soon! You are an amazing writer and when I was at Desret Book I saw like literally all of your books there and I nearly bought all of them xD but I wasn't able to so I will actually be planning on reading the rest of your books after I buy the paper back version!
Pennywithaney posted a message to JenniJames
Can I just say that I think what you are doing is a wonderful thing? I know a lot of authors would rather sign over their own soul than allow readers to read their work for free, so I just wanted to say that I really appreciate it. I have so enjoyed reading your fairytale collection over the past two years, so I figured I'd take this opportunity to tell you so.
      It is very inspiring to see that a published author would still think of the readers that love their book first and their next paycheck second. I can only hope that should I ever be faced with the same choice, that I will make a similar decision. 
      All in all, thank you. You have no idea the impact your writing has had on my life.
Readergirl7564 posted a message to JenniJames
I actually first encountered your books on my kindle. I've bought quite some and one of my favourites has to be pride and popularity, which I've re-read probably over 50 times!! All in all, i just want to say a big THANK YOU, for writing  these stories and books and sharing you gift of writing with the world.
                              A HUGE fan  :) xxx
JenniJames commented on Hansel and Gretel - Chapter Two

Since I am a multi-published author who is writing the rough drafts and putting them up here AS A GIFT for those who follow me, BEFORE they're published.  (Though some I have permission to leave up in their rough draft form for longer), I suggest you be kind enough to realize not everything in this life is FREE.  And my hard work, the only way I make a living and support my children, is enough for you to show some gratitude and be nice enough to see that I am sharing as many of my books as I can with teens around the world.  Most authors would never be this generous.  Ever.  Some of these books here are in full, however, I can only guarantee the ones I'm currently working on is the GIFT I CAN LEGALLY GIVE YOU, since my publishers don't own it yet.  Hansel & Gretel was put up for past fans and then had to be removed.  Be nice, please.  Or don't accept my gifts and then throw them back at me.