Status: sorry i havent been on. just been busy :P thanks to everyone who fanned :* it means alot (2 years ago)


Name Jena :)
Location Pinching Zain's cheeks :D
Member Since Jun 10, 2012
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Hi all you Wattpaders c:

I'm Jena.

16, bro. ;)
 @shizzit <-- that's me brother :3 You should fan him :D He's pretty cool.

Single.. pringle.. mingle.. jingle.. xD

-Taylor Swift
-One Direction
-Linkin Park
-Green Day
-Maroon 5
-Katy Perry
-HELLO KITTY - whaa? She's not a singer? ...well check again ;3

I've always been insecure about myself :'\
People say I'm ugly...and I agree.
I love taking random picture of myself though xP
ADVENTURE TIMEEE!!!!!!! x3 I die everytime it ends :'o
I put sprinkle's on EVERYTHING XD
I like anything sparkely. ...
but I don't really like pink things, unless it's neon pink! shoosh yawh C: 
I loooove all neon colors.

So fan me maybe? ;D

Kbye :3


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