Name Jade
Location Hiding under your bed (seriously, go check)
Birthday Jun 17
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the picture is of me and my cousin when we were younger, i'm the one on the right :) 
i'm Awesome x  :) only joking x
I'm a MASSIVE Directioner :) Niall is my future husband ;)
im very weird and sometimes evil x
i have green eyes x (green eyes are awesome x)
1D is awesome x :)
i ship Ziall, Niam, Narry, Nouis, Ziam, Larry, Lirry, pretty much all of them :)
I do NOT ship Haylor...Sorri :/
i say awesome a lot (as you can probably tell)
Neve is my best friend x SHE'S A WEAK HEADLESS CHICKEN (only she will understand) x 
Gabi, KT, Beth, Liv, Lauren and Neve are AWESOME xxx about it really x
I like to rape purple hedgehogs xx

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Wrinkly walrus wearing auto correct changed that to willies :/ that was hilarious as usual :D and I would like a part in the story,...
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The songs at the end always amuse me :) xx
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S.T.D.I :) keep updating ;) xx
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Name: Jade Boy:Niall Personality:Shy at first but weird and crazy once I get to know someone Looks: im kinda short and have medium length,...
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