Hii!! Just so you guys know this is not Jasie, it's me @NinaaD her best friend. 
      She doesnt know im doing this ... SHHHH! (; 
      Hmm My Jasie ...
      Well I can sum her up in one little word ... CRAZY (:
      She loves to write and read ... Hence her being on Wattpad. Maybe she'll put something on here?
      She loves music and lemme tell ya she can dance! Lmaooo (; 
      Shes my JoJo and I'm her Tiny <3
      Dont fuck with her ... and not because I'll fuck you up but .. because she will! *No joke* 
      I LOVE HER (:
      Okayy so its Jasie now! Here are a few things about me 
      1) I Love SEXY BODIES! 
      2) I love to read
      3) Food is my weakness! 
      4) No matter what i am never full! 
      6) Adventure is my middle name...Dare me to do something??
      7) I rockclimb Competitively! 
      8) Don't fuck with me unless you wanna get fucked with! You were warned twice! 
      9) PM me &; Hit me up! (:
      ........Almost forgot 10) I love my best friend @NinaaD <3
      I was forgotten ... -.- .... Apparently she loves Sexy Bodies more than me ... Feeling the love - Nina
      You can me tell me anything, I don't judge! Just go ahead spill your heart out!
      But I will tell you how I feel & what I think straight up! Sometimes it's good sometimes it's bad but at least I'm honest! :D
      ..........................That was written a while ago but i Still love tneel
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