im 17 and im a dude, i love the harry potter books, and the hunger games katniss everdeen is my bitch, peeta is my bro an president snow is my gramps we share the same last name, i even gave twilight a read once I am straight.. even though i love pretty little liars...but they wouldn't have chose such a hot female cast if they didnt want male viewers...which is my favourite?... i cant decide just so hard probably Lucy, then troian and ashley battling it out, but shay is really hot to...basically i would screw them all.
i know my pics terrible, i look gay but i was 14 and thought blonde highlights were cool, they are not, i look gross, i dont like taking pictures and so till i cn be arsed it stays :)  i didnt ask you to like me and so im not going to bother with a decent picture :D i know im kinda rude... i dont really care...

read @xWinging_It_Perrix stories, she my bestfriend, my wife, my pet :D i like all of her stories, you'd be doing me and princess a favour by fanning and voting :) thankyou...see im not soo rude..
(she totally told me to write that :)  desperate for fans x x x
@sexy_lexy my girl, my world...that dream that will stick in my head forever 

soo yeahh byeeee.
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