Jake is a YA writer, character artist, role-player, and avid gamer. His collection of finished novels is currently numbered at eight, all of which are in the sci-fi/horror genres. Throughout the years, he has written multiple short stories, and various screenplays.

(Official website: jakeastrife.com/ )

Jake was born in the ‘village’ of Bellaire, Ohio. As the population shrank, he knew he needed to get out or get caught in the trap of the average small town—if you don’t get out young, you don’t get out at all. So he moved to Southern California, and is there to stay.

The earliest influences on his writing were survival horror video games, and sci-fi/fantasy novels. It was the thrill of a good scare, and abilities above and beyond the scope of physics that drove his imagination.

For many years, Jake focused only on his artistic abilities and put writing aside. He eventually enrolled in an art school, but after taking a Story Writing course, he became serious about his work and eventually switched to Creative Writing at another university. He was twice published in the school’s magazine, The Aviator, for his works, Book of Fate and Omega Virus.

Currently enjoying the sunny weather of California, Jake spends most of his time with his fiancé, and is always writing, drawing, or gaming—and loving the abundance of amusement parks nearby.

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Strange World - I - Grimoire

Social data: 35 reads. 9 votes. 3 comments.

Description: A teenage boy is sick and bedridden. One thing is known for sure--He's dying and only has days to live. When all hope seems lost, he goes to sleep and enters a Strange World where magic and monsters exist. In this world the boy is not sick, and face...

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GODFORGE - Book 1 - Forge of the Mind

GODFORGE - Book 1 - Forge of the Mind

6.9K 242 71

Gods ravaged the land… The mortal realm, Anhsook Del Iris, was under constant attack. No one knew why...

Omega Virus - Book 2 - Gamma Hour

Omega Virus - Book 2 - Gamma Hour

98.9K 4.3K 1K

(…A Discovered Radio Broadcast...) I HAVE THESE MEMORIES. They're jumbled, but somehow they really ha...

#113 in Horror
Omega Virus - Book 3 - Delta Hour

Omega Virus - Book 3 - Delta Hour

40.3K 2.1K 955

(...PRISON WALL CARVING...) It was one week ago that I woke up in this place--It was three days ago tha...

#58 in Horror
Book of Fate #1: Dark Dayz - Dawn

Book of Fate #1: Dark Dayz - Dawn

11.9K 477 131


      Hi everyone! I just wanted to announce a new writing schedule for the summer months of July-August. 
      I'll be editing Book of Fate #1 down a bit. I want it to be about 90,000 words and it's currently 118,000. I won't change the story though, so no worries.
      Also I will be starting a NEW series called Strange World. I previously posted a prologue for said story on here, but took it down. Now I'll be fixing it up and starting full blast on it! So stay tuned. GodForge fans, I'm sorry, you'll have to wait a little longer. I WILL finish it one day soon. ;)
      Then on September 1st I'll be working on Omega Virus 4 Sigma Hour and Book of Fate 2!
I wanted to let everyone know that as I go through GodForge (re-reading it so I remembered where I left off) I will be updating the Chapter titles to 
      Component 00 - The Ritual, Component 01 - Awaken, etc. No changes really save typos. So feel free to start reading that. Once I catch up to CH16 I will begin posting new chapters then finish the book all the way through. Thanks!
      Make sure to vote! Please!!!!