Hiya everyone! 

My name is Jake A. Strife and I'm officially represented by Gandolfo Helin Literary!
I'm an author of five novels (so far)

The first four of these novels were titled Dark Dayz, but I have recently put them aside in order to rewrite them from the ground up and expand upon the series, now called: Book of Fate

Another book, which you can currently find under my works on Wattpad is:

OMEGA VIRUS - Book 1 - Beta Hour

My favorite genres to write are sci-fi and horror, although I do dabble in fantasy as well.
There's not a lot to tell about myself save that I love video games, and drawing (and of course writing!).

If you check out my works please vote (that's the STAR button) on EACH chapter. It helps keep my works trending towards the first page so more people can find my books. Thanks! 
I hope to see you at a book signing in a local bookstore soon (and one day at a comic con!)
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Book of Fate - I Dark Dawn (new)

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Description: Nightmares; We all have them. They bring to life our greatest fears and take away what we care for most. If you die in a nightmare, you probably wake up alive, but then that is a different kind of nightmare. What I speak of are the kinds you can’t...

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Omega Virus - I - Beta Hour

Omega Virus - I - Beta Hour

106K 3.4K 621

This is my last message: Zachary Mastiff... My name is the beginning of this story, and my death--is...

#14 in Horror #17 in Science Fiction
Omega Virus - II - Gamma Hour

Omega Virus - II - Gamma Hour

53.3K 2.1K 703

A FOUND RADIO BROADCAST.... "I have these memories from when I was young. They're all jumbled now, but...

#40 in Horror #48 in Science Fiction
Book of Legends - I - Dark Heaven

Book of Legends - I - Dark Heaven

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Through the cosmos it came, a raging beast of utter chaos… Part good, part evil, it was a being witho...

GODFORGE - I - Forge of the Mind

GODFORGE - I - Forge of the Mind

1.6K 106 41

Gods ravaged the land… The mortal realm, Anhsook Del Iris, was under constant attack. No one knew wh...

In the meantime while I'm getting everything sorted out (also while I'm putting the finishing plans on Omega Virus 3), check out Book of Fate - I - Dark Dawn
It was the first novel I ever completed. I'll be posting it regularly. Make sure to vote!