Hiya everyone! 

My name is Jake A. Strife and I'm officially represented by Gandolfo Helin Literary!
I'm an author of six (completed) novels thus far.
I write in the SciFi, Horror, and Fantasy (YA) genres.

Please make sure to vote for each chapter of each story. It means a lot and helps get my work into the higher rankings. This will allow more readers (like you) to find and enjoy my work. Thanks in advance.

Here's a list of my completed novels:

Book of Fate - Book 1 - Dark Dawn
Book of Fate - Book 2 - Tribulation
Book of Fate - Book 3 - Abyss
Book of Fate - Book 4 - Dark Noon

OMEGA VIRUS - Book 1 - Beta Hour
OMEGA VIRUS - Book 2 - Gamma Hour

My novels in progress are:
OMEGA VIRUS - Book 3 - Delta Hour
GodForge - Book 1 - Forge of the Mind
Book of Legends - Book 1 - Dark Genesis (pre-posting)
(+concept in process)

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Omega Virus - Book 1 - Beta Hour

Social data: 170K reads. 5.8K votes. 1.1K comments.

Description: Listen... ZSlayerZach... ...My gamer name is the beginning of this 'game' and my death is the end. I've always loved video games... Collecting trophies and achievements... getting high scores in every one I played--It was my life. I even wanted...

#144 in Horror

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Book of Fate #1: Dark Dayz - Dawn

Book of Fate #1: Dark Dayz - Dawn

9.9K 248 86

Zolomon’s Report… The lights flickered, struggling to stay alive. Lightning tore through the sky formin...

#397 in Science Fiction
Omega Virus - Book 3 - Delta Hour

Omega Virus - Book 3 - Delta Hour

31.3K 1.4K 585

PRISON WALL INSCRIPTION Zach... It was three days ago that my heart stopped beating... Three days sinc...

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Omega Virus - Book 2 - Gamma Hour

Omega Virus - Book 2 - Gamma Hour

93.4K 4K 965

A RECORDED RADIO BROADCAST.... "I have these memories from when I was young. They're all jumbled now...

GODFORGE - Book 1 - Forge of the Mind

GODFORGE - Book 1 - Forge of the Mind

6.4K 197 70

Gods ravaged the land… The mortal realm, Anhsook Del Iris, was under constant attack. No one knew why...

I've been in the hospital for nearly a month now, so I haven't been able to write anything. I really hope to be home soon, but ill still need recuperation time before I can allow myself to write regularly again. So please bear with me and thank you for continuing to be loyal readers.
It's probably been about 2 weeks since any of you last heard anything from my chapter updates. I've been off for the grid. 
I came down with gallstone pancreatitis. I went to the hospital, spent several agonizing hours in the waiting room alone,  and have still been suffering every minute of every day. I haven't eaten in two weeks. haven't played a video game. etc.
I'm finally on a feeding tube and Slowly getting bttter. Thank you for your understand. When I pull through this I ill be on rest mode for awhile still. but not sure when that will be till.