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Greetings everyone, 

My name is Jake A. Strife and I'm officially represented by Gandolfo Helin Literary!
I'm an author of five novels. Four of those five are in my YA Fiction Sci-fi/Horror series entitled Book of Fate. These books follow a group of young adults as they are hunted by a cult called The Soul of Fate. This cult wants them dead for they hold within their souls the key to stopping their malicious plan of bringing Hell to Earth. These books consist of: 

Book of Fate: Dawn Trilogy
Book 1: Dark Dawn
Book 2: Tribulation 
Book 3: Abyss

Book of Fate: Noon Trilogy
Book 1: Dark Noon

There will eventually be more books to round out the series, but for now I am working on other series.
I just recently completed:

OMEGA VIRUS - Book 1 - Beta Hour

Omega Virus is all about a group of teenage gamers facing the Zombie Apocalypse and an evolving zombie virus.

Other than that, I'm working on a fantasy series called:
A.N.G.O.N., which is about a robot with an implanted soul trying to find out what his purpose and the tragedy behind his creation.

I also have a couple fan fictions going: 
A game to novel adaptation of Earthbound and also the original Final Fantasy.

Check out all of my work and if you read something you enjoy please give it a vote per chapter! Thanks!


Omega Virus - II - Gamma Hour

Omega Virus - II - Gamma Hour

Science Fiction #37 / Horror #58
7 parts / 23 pages, updated Jul 23, 2014PG-13
Omega Virus - II - Gamma Hour A Found Broadcasted Radio Message... "I have these memories from when I was young. They're all jumbled now, but I'm still ... read more
1,616 reads votes 126 comments 97
Earthbound (The Novel)

Earthbound (The Novel)

19 parts / 62 pages, updated Jun 11, 2014PG-13Pictures
When destiny knocks on a teenager's front door, he is forced to face an army of mind-controlled animals, people and other monsters all in the name of taking down the ... read more
4,705 reads votes 107 comments 30
A.N.G.O.N. - I - Forge of the Mind

A.N.G.O.N. - I - Forge of the Mind

12 parts / 39 pages, updated Jun 08, 2014PG-13
In a land where the gods have ravaged, in a time when mortals fear for their very existence, an artificer studies in a laboratory looking for a way to repel ... read more
2,628 reads votes 61 comments 16
Flash Fiction Collection

Flash Fiction Collection

7 parts / 8 pages, updated May 28, 2014PG-13Pictures
From aliens, to monsters, to people with powers and even gods--This is a collection of super shorts called Flash Fictions! Each is no more than 1,000 words but h... read more
478 reads votes 9 comments 0
Omega Virus - I - Beta Hour

Omega Virus - I - Beta Hour

41 parts / 138 pages, updated May 23, 2014PG-13PicturesCompleted
This is my last message: Zachary Mastiff-- My name is the beginning of this story, and my death... is the end. I say this as the virus is running through my v... read more
58,658 reads votes 1,373 comments 349
Final Fantasy (The Novel)

Final Fantasy (The Novel)

2 parts / 7 pages, updated Jan 27, 2014PG
Witness a retelling of the original NES RPG that started it all--Final Fantasy. This game-to-novel adaptation gives life and personality to the four Warriors of Li... read more
366 reads votes 11 comments 0
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