Hello, beautiful people! :D
      I'm Jacob King.
      KING. WOOP, WOOP. Ima king, you must all bow down to me. >:D
      I like cheese v.v
      From Monsters Home for Imaginary Friends! <3
      My imaginary friend Phil goes there. He's a cutie. He purple. 
      Oh, you wanna know more about me eh, stalker?
      Well, dont mind if I do ;D
      I have a younger sisss' ❥
      She's adorable. She's five. ABOUT TO TURN SIX! OMFG.
      I'm depressed, yes. But thats okie. My friends help me <3
      Music: All kinds. Mostly into rock, screamo, and BVB♡ 
      Maybe meet me at warped tour? 2012&2013.
      (And Phil says hi o.o)
      ..sorry about him.
      I'm 16.
      I have four tattoos. About to get another one! :')
      I have three piercings.
      Its addicting, trust me.
      Play Football for meh school,
      have awesome, yet stupid friends lol,
      And we some crazy shittt xD
      Sporty? eh, a little. 
      Football is actually the only thing XD
      @Fallenangel160 <- right there, is the light of my life ♡ 
      didn't meet her on here lol, met her on some other randomass website xD
      Erm, what else?
      Oh yeah, I dance. I guess thats a sport?
      I sing for choir, too. v.v don't judge.
      @Sxibebe She's amazing, too. Also met her on that randomass website..O_o..
      Don't judge, but since I have a little sister and all,
      I'm used to watching little kid shows,
      like hello kitty and dora.
      That bitch be blind.
      But I love them :'o
      @SavannahSmilesxD   <<-- Meh pretty kitty ♥♥♥♥♥
      [O.o]    - Moo, I'm a pig
      [¬.¬]    - Dude, you're an owl
      [O.O]   - My mother has lied to me!
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