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Avengers: 2032

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Description: A Marvel fan-fic. I do not own Marvel comics or any of it's original characters. The only characters I own are the ones I have created for this story. It's been ten years since the Avengers disbanded. For a time, the world lived in peace without t...

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In My Humble Opinion. (Rant Book.)

In My Humble Opinion. (Rant Book.)

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These are the things that drive me insane. Join me as I chronicle me anger for your enjoyment.

Treasure Hunter

Treasure Hunter

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Christofer Dakota grew up hating his father. Never home, constantly making excuses for leaving, always j...

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Part 2!
      Name: Eliah Moses
      Gender: Female
      Sexuality: Straight
      Species: Vampire
      Power/ Abilities: None
      Personality: Social, happy-go-lucky, but secretly hates every other species with a prejudice.
      Appearance: Long brown hair, brown eyes, skinny, white, regular height.
      Returning/ new: new
      Why she's there: She wants to be away from people who she believes "oppress" vampires.
      Secret: Her racism to other species
      Secret she doesn't know: Everything
JacobRoscoe commented on The House of Diversity - Form: A

Name: Leonard Steels 
      Gender: Male 
      Age: 34
      Sexuality: Straight
      Species: Werefox
      Power? Abilities: Can turn into a fox at will, has the intuition and reflexes of a fox. As a former member of a rogue faction of weres who let themselves be more controlled by their inner beast, he was taught how to defend himself in fox and human form. Can use guns, knives, and martial arts.
      Personality: Is very emotional, driven, and curious like a fox due to the fact that he lets the fox in him more or less control him. He is very friendly to students and teachers, but doesn't like to talk about his past as a member of a disgraced pack. He sees his power of the fox form and senses as a God-given gift.
      Appearance: Has short, dark brown hair and blue eyes. He is white and tall. He is very lanky. He wears silk collared shirts and dress pants in the classroom mostly, but will sometimes don body armor when teaching the children about how to defend themselves from evil supernatural beings.
      Student/Teacher: Teacher; he teaches defense against the evil supernatural (forces of hell, ghouls, etc.)
      Secret: The rogue pack stuff.
      Secret he doesn't know: none
      Other: None