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Forgot my old page's pw so feel free to become my fan again if you were on my old page and if you werent just become my fan anyway lol thanks(:

Go fan my sister @boobear994 her stories are amazing

Well well look who we have here . Jacob ;) i must say i do enjoy reading stories . i even write some of my own . i just heard about this site from a friend and decided to make one. i will start writing my own stories . so feel free to comment/vote on it if you want. become my fan i dont bite ;) lol im very friendly and honest so if you want to be friends just hmu! you must want to know about me huh?
* I'm Jacob
* 6'1
* Love the colorz red and green
* Love money
* SWAGG Nation
* Jordans
* Girlz ;D
Thats all for now just get to know me i may make you laugh or smile . 
because im just that cool ;D
aha .
[X] 200 fans
[X] 500
[X] 1000
[X] 2000

Here's some music that i like :
Chris Brown 
Trey Songz
Katy Perry
Fall Out Boys
Green Day
My Chemical romance
3 Doors Down 
Wiz Khalifa 
Nicki Minaj 
Etc lol
Go fan my best friend @xoxoloveu shes a sweetheart and was my 50th fan :) 

Go fan my play sister @beyourself129 she's really awesome (: 
fan my wifey ;) she's cool ppl @LOLndSMILE
also fan my flirt buddy @dIaMoNdPrInCeSs96 
& my favorite buddy who is sweet and crazy lol but go fan her @I_AM_ANNOYING01


Its Gotta Be You

Its Gotta Be You

3 parts / 3 pages, updated Feb 26, 2013PG-13
539 reads votes 17 comments 10
Hearts Can Be Broken

Hearts Can Be Broken

2 parts / 1 page, updated Feb 22, 2013PG-13
Priscilla Perez. Her golden brown eyes. Long curly brown hair. Rosy pink cheeks. Her cute little laugh. And soft baby voice. All that was the reason Jacob was in love... read more
161 reads votes 6 comments 3
You Belong With Me

You Belong With Me

8 parts / 10 pages, updated Feb 15, 2013PG-13
A story about a girl who was a loser in high school. She wanted nothing more than popularity. She also wanted her best friend. Could she get that?
3,573 reads votes 87 comments 37
Love [Atty Awards 2012]

Love [Atty Awards 2012]

1 page, updated Oct 24, 2012G
96 reads votes 7 comments 7
My Mindless Behavior Love Story

My Mindless Behavior Love Story

6 parts / 6 pages, updated May 12, 2012PG-13
5,469 reads votes 74 comments 34
Until We Meet Again

Until We Meet Again

4 parts / 5 pages, updated May 12, 2012PG
704 reads votes 24 comments 10
The New Girl

The New Girl

11 parts / 13 pages, updated Apr 01, 2012PG-13Pictures
The new girl is someone Chris always wanted. But is she worth the chase? Could she be trouble and come with lies? Is the new girl ready for the chase?
2,910 reads votes 61 comments 35
The Girl Outside His Window

The Girl Outside His Window

4 parts / 2 pages, updated Mar 25, 2012PG-13
There was a man who was evil. Noone knew about him or what he did. He went around killing innocent young teenagers for no reason. He thought nobody knew about ... read more
1,158 reads votes 37 comments 22

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