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My Favorite Wattpad Booksss- The Humping Games

54 parts / 19 pages, updated Jul 16, 2014PG-13Pictures
Here is a book with very humorous, funny, and crazy out of this world book! It is full of ratchet names, raps, lyrics to songs (I made up), and mus... read more
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Book Reviews

The Humping Games

24 parts / 9 pages, updated Jul 21, 2014PG-13
Reading and reviewing books is what I LOVE to do!! Comment some ones that you want me to review. Cmon be weird with the rest of my personalities. LOL.
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Only the Best of Wattpad

The Humping Games

167 parts / 40 pages, updated Jul 15, 2014PG-13
Only The Best Of Wattpad! :)
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the BEST of wattpad

15. The Humping Games

25 parts / 4 pages, updated Apr 24, 2014PG-13Pictures
the best of the best books in wattpad. ranging from the AFTER series to one shots to unknown-but need to be known stories!
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Dear Stacey

25 A Party Again?!

28 parts / 53 pages, updated Mar 09, 2014
Stacey, I have so much questions on my mind. Why did you leave me? What did I do? I was there for you Stacey, and then we went into high school that's when you cha... read more
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Dare to...

Dare to be flirtatious.

14 parts / 3 pages, updated May 26, 2014
Inspirational text.
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Spit It Again

#124 Caught

26 parts / 2 pages, updated Jun 22, 2013PG-13
Spit It continued
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The Boy With The Hopeless Dreams

Chapter Thirteen

33 parts / 73 pages, updated Dec 28, 2013PG
At the start of her junior year, 17-year-old Lily Banbury's life coincides with that of the mysterious yet beautiful Sam Murphy's. As she fall... read more
7,559 reads votes 190 comments 74
Murder Days

Act 2 - Perplexing Inqueries

3 parts / 12 pages, updated May 29, 2013PG
Drew is a survivor in an unexplained accident causing many of his classmates-- dead. And after returning back to his everyday life, he finds himself negle... read more
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My Alternative


7 parts / 8 pages, updated Jul 26, 2013PG-13Video
Glory Evans has suffered a tragic loss of her parents and even worse, she can't remember what happened the night of their death. She moves to Santa Grove to escape the g... read more
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