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Name Juliet
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Name: Juliet
Nickname: Julie
Star Sign: Pisces (Yes, I'm a March Baby! Birthday= March 13th .... Yeah, I know what it feels like to celebrate my 7th birthday on the date Friday 13th :|)
Origin: 1/2: American, 1/2 British
Languages: Fluent in English, Studying French (not fluent AT ALL) and Studying Spanish (easier than french but im still kinda crappy at it)
Hobbies: Drawing, Painting (the usual artsy stuff), singing (more like karaokeing- if thats a word), obviously READING and WRITING (or i wouldn't be here on wattpad)
Favourite book(s): HARRY POTTER!!!! (woop, woop... HUGE potterhead here, also love ron- hes adorable.... And i have a MAJOR crush on my voldy) and TWILIGHT and HOUSE OF NIGHT (its a bit dirty tho... :/ )
Favourite Movie: Inception!!! :D (dreaming inside dreaming inside dreaming)
Favourite TV show: OhMyGodOhMyGod, How I met Your Mother O.O (That is legen-dary), Spongebob- (you can NEVER be too old) and X factor (the typical)
I have a LOT of favourite singers so.....I'm only gonna say a few: Adele, Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran, Jessie J and One Direction..... Yeah, I'm like a HUUGGGEEE Directioner! <3

Oh, yeah and I suck at making covers... So, don't judge my books by their covers- I know it's hard not to... :|

Please check out these stories. They are perfection:
- Strictly Business.
- 101 Ways to avoid an Awkward Situation.
- The Bet.
- The Deal with Mr. Player.
I'll probably be adding to this list.

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... i think thats enough so i'll shut up now... :/

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