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Hello! My Pen name is J.L. Myers. I am a fairly new author, and very passionate about books. I started on this site to read books. You can ask anyone who knows me, I read more than is healthy. Once I start a story, I can't put it down. That is why it is really hard for me to read books that are not completed :) However, if I find a really good story that is not complete I will read it anyways

                     I am about to post my first story in about a week. I am hoping to have it all completed by the time I want to post it so I can do a new chapter upload every three days, or every day depending on how it goes. I really want to complete this book. The story line has been in my head for years, and I am finally putting it to paper. I love romance mixed action. I love when a story throws two people together. If this story goes well, then I am hoping to write more.

                Well, I am twenty years old, surrounded my family, and madly in love! I am the oldest of seven, the youngest three months old. My mom is just like me, and the old I get, the more I am learning to appreciate the things she does for me. My best friend is my boyfriend, James, and my oldest younger sister, Victoria.

                My favorite author on here so far is Kristy1000. I love her stories, and her writing is so sophisticated that I am kept speechless and I cannot put her stories down. I have lost many nights of sleep to her books. If you have the chance to read her stories, DO IT!!!

                If you are an author, and have a book you want me to read, just let me know! I love to! Or, if you are just a reader and found something that you think that I would like to read, just let me know!

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Beating You
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