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My Guardian Angel {Rewriting}

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Your writing has improved. You still have some grammatical errors, but it is much better. You're is a contraction for You are. Your should not...
Stalking Darkness {On Hold}

I have part of my story completed now. I have it in Word and I am not sure how to get it transferred to WattPad. I just wonder if anyone would...
Teenage Life

Enjoyed looking at the video. It's sad when you are taking the pictures, you don't always get in the pictures. I had hoped to see YOU MORE. You...
Teenage Life

I am so happy that you went to camp. I know you enjoyed it and you helped a lot of kids. I am sorry it wasn't as good as last year. I am aware...
Teenage Life

@JCKing I liked this story because it shows that we must take care of how we look all the time as well as when we are going on a date. Careful...
My Guardian Angel {Rewriting}