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**used to be SimplyStupid**
**Parker Laborn is not my real name. If you are interested, click the green house**

currently trying to get more involved on Wattpad, like i was about a year and a half ago, so here are a few facts about me:

+ I haven't been on Wattpad for a long time, so you and I might be confused
+ I'm an aspiring writer. I take writing seriously and really want to do nothing else but write a lot of stuff
+ I'm a feminist (pro-equality)
+ If you know me, I curse a lot. I'll try my best to censor myself on here though, i know there are children
+ I love marathoning completed sitcoms that ran a long time like Friends, How I met your Mother, and That '70s Show, etc, so if you know any shows worth watching, please I have no life
+ I like pizza more than the regular Jo
+ I run XC
+ I make book covers for myself and others
+ If you aren't a misogynist racist pig, I probably want to be your best friend
+ Except Jasmine Wang is my best friend??

If you have:
+ nothing nice or mannered to say, don't say it. freedom of speech is a right, but don't smear it with your bullshit
+ constructive criticism then send it through private message, don't comment on my story with it please
+ book cover request? I'll open a link to a forum for you


The Invincible Ones (editing)

The Invincible Ones (editing)

1 page, updated Jan 08, 2014PG-13
Riley Donahue drowns in the shadows of her life. After a horrifying house fire, she is taken away from her alcoholic mother and into the custody of her contro... read more
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This is very well written and interesting! Reading further cause it's cool
Bra Boy

I think your writing is impressive, it really is! It's a really great storyline that I see is going on here I want to give you some advice...
Our Perfections (REWRITING)

can't wait to read this story, sounds amazing :))
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