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Hi. I'm Danielle. 
I write.
um, I'm not sure what else.

lol jk 

- I make up the weirdest scenario's in my head. Seriously. It's why I don't get any sleep.
- Whenever I'm home alone and sing and dance like a maniac
- I'm either too sarcastic or too ditzy for my own good.


Our Twisted Tale [IN EDITING]

Our Twisted Tale [IN EDITING]

40 parts / 142 pages, updated Aug 11, 2013PG-13VideoPictures
It's simple really. Being the Queen Bee equals the perfect life. Not for Karissa. Have you ever lost practically everything? Including your dad, to heart cancer... read more
31,566 reads votes 505 comments 465
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@cutielove8 It was the first ever story I read on here :(
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okay, you win. My thoughts have done a complete 180 where Collete was concerned

I love alex. And I would love you for creating such an amazing character, but it's not like i'll ever get to meet him. and ugh. I hate Zoey
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