'Writers write from empathy.'

- My parents tend to think that I'm talking to my friends, but I have none, really I'm just writing a story.
- I love the words Nebula, Apocalypse and Catastrophe
- Also, Jhené Aiko is the bae.
- Chocolate and Modern Family are amazing inventions
- And I really want to write a book that changes someone's life, but um for now I guess I'll just have to change my own life with my writing.
- I love to sing lol. Not the best at it but still
- I also kind of have an obsession with hair too
- And I suck at talking about myself.
- But I'm funny I swear
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Description: It's simple really. Being the Queen Bee equals the perfect life. Not for Karissa. Have you ever lost practically everything? Including your dad, to heart cancer? Or your best friends due to horrible rumours? Sure being popular's good when you want s...