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When she isn't other wise occupied bickering with her siblings, Katherine enjoys playing her guitar and singing. When she was just 9 years old, Katherine,or Kat; as she prefers to be called, wrote her first full length novel, a fanfiction about Shaun White ; whom she was infatuated with at the time.
Many eons later, Katherine is currently at work on 3 novels at the moment: Vamped, Burnt, and Navigating Our Stars. In the elusive spare time that appears in between her schedule packed with high school, chores, family time and socialization, Katherine enjoys composing her own songs on her guitar as well as sketching.
She currently takes up residence on the wonderful continent of North America with her mother and father, two younger brothers, 3 pet cats, 1 pet dog and a few pet peeves.




18 parts / 26 pages, updated Apr 11, 2014
Set in Katie Bell's fourth year at Hogwarts, this account follows the story of Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban through Katie's eyes as she navigates the ups and downs of th... read more
987 reads votes 77 comments 26
Chapter One

Chapter One

3 pages, updated Dec 29, 2013
Christina Aulbach is shy. It's a common fact that the people around her (including herself) have just come to accept. Everyone but Liam Evans, that is. He is detirmined to br... read more
10 reads votes 2 comments 0


2 parts / 2 pages, updated Oct 10, 2013PG-13
24 reads votes 2 comments 0
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Wow thank you everyone! I will be updating sometime next week because I had choir auditions this week and I've been busy with that! Je T'aime les...

Great advice from those who where interviewed. Very encouraging and helpful. :)
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This is spectacular. I'm putting this on my mirror.
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@heyyopotato thank you for voting my lovlie! I am so glad that you are enjoying it!

Thank you for your reply! It means a lot to me! -âś’Katherine

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