I'm a writer. Not an author, novelist, poet, etc. No, just a writer, meaning as long as I'm writing something, be it a book, poem, song, short story or more, I love it. No, not anything else, just a writer.


For those of you who are just coming to know I even exist here on Wattpad, let me tell you a little about my work. I put everything I have into these stories. My morals, beliefs and experiences are carefully woven into whatever I write as a way of not just expressing myself, but also to help people learn what I have learned, time and time again in my life. 

Love. Is. Powerful. 

These three simple words are the basis of every single one of my works. No matter what you read that I have written, you will see the truth in these words, one way or another. People will argue that it's cheesy, or overused - I counter by saying that maybe it is, but maybe it is because it's the one thing we need to remember most in our day to day lives. No matter what kind of love we give, or receive, it makes a difference in our lives and others. Receiving little to no amount of love at all is destructive; receiving all the love in the world is empowering and beautiful. Not everyone believes this - and my works, though they are fiction, are my way of showing not only those people, but everyone else as well, that it's true. 

Love can break you - when you love someone so much it hurts, and you lose them...yes, it hurts. But love can also mend you. It can get you to pick yourself up off your feet and go on - it can encourage, empower and strengthen you. No matter what kind of love it is...for your pet, for your family, for your friends, even for yourself! Love is what keeps us going. Love is what makes us strong. 

This is my perspective on the world...and this is what spurs me to continue to write my stories. And this is what I hope to teach you, if you didn't know it already. 

Love is powerful. So don't take it for granted.

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His throat closed. “You…can’t.” I’ll never be good enough for you.
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Oh puh-leeeaase. Someone slap this guy, honestly.


When you love someone, you never want to let them go. No matter what you face, you will always want to be there for them...and when that feeling is not returned, or can't be...? It's soul wrenching. Believe me, I know. And I'm not the only one. There are millions of people every day who experience the same loss, feel the same pain...and we always feel so alone, when we feel that way. Like no one will ever understand what we've been through. But we're not alone. We never will be. People come and go from our lives sometimes before we even realize they're gone. This can either be by their choice or not - it just happens. It's inevitable. The trick is to know how to deal when referring to you're particular situation. The man that left you? I won't pretend to know what happened - I will say that whenever someone leaves you, despite their reasons - or lack thereof - there is nothing you can do to change their mind, only they can do so. They've made their choice - and you need to decide whether or not you believe that choice was justified. Did you do anything blatantly and/or morally wrong? No? Well then his choice was probably a selfish one, and not your problem. As for your sister...think of all the happy times. Every chance you get, tell someone about her, or remember her with someone. Remember your sister will never truly be gone unless you forget her - and that's impossible. Remember her, smile when you think of her, because she would want you to smile. And have faith that things will get better - because as long as you try, every day to happier...you won't be, and I don't think your sister would have wanted that. Take care, sweetheart. You're not alone.