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An I eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.


I don't claim to be christian, but I DO believe in God and those who claim to be christian but still do the same ol' (insert curse word starting with 's') are just HYPOCRITES. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.

I AM nice, but I can be crude, brutally honest, and have a strong opinion. So don't confuse my strong opinions or when I argue with you with being mean. I like to argue BTW, I like to be right, and I can be pretty prideful. If you want to be my friend or talk with me keep those things in mind, plus I have mood swings so be afraid...AWARE I mean...
I'm a little rough around the edges, but in reality I'm a BIG softy, I mean really. I already love you, so don't question me if I say I do. If you're rude to me I WILL be rude back, I'm not afraid to speak my mind but I like to keep peace so I'll probably find a way to make a truce depending on my mood.

Don't I sound nice?

I may not be on a lot but I'm working on getting my own laptop, when I do I want to start a story, and maybe take a stab at a female serial killer story (see what I did there...).

Anyways, I like you, no matter how you look, sound, taste(?), gay, lesbian, etc. etc. etc.....

That's it, kudos if you read the whole thing, private message me if you want me to read a poem or something and I will ALWAYS vote when I read it. Tank choo, bai.




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Sun Fire

Sun Fire

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Is it right taking the easy way out?
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Serial Killer

Serial Killer

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What is it?
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We are perfect, no matter what they say.
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