I do love to write, if I didn't have a son or a need to get a job and make money, I swear it would be all I would do.  

But as it is, I have a son and I need to make money so I apologize if I'm not able to update as much as we would both prefer.  

If you're wondering what books I'd recommend for you, some good boyxboy ones would be anything by rotxinxpieces and Leviathan! by roughdrafthero

If you're into band fan fictions, a good ATL one is Kill Me With Words by keep_the_secret (and if you can recommend me some, I'll love you forever!)  

If you find enjoyment in books in general, then I hope you give mine a shot but if you refuse then some other amazing authors are: Fallzswimmer, sincerelydeep, BelWatson, Happilyneverafters, foreverhopeful, FeastOfNoise, AmandaPate, ohmystarsclara and I could probably go on but I bet you stopped reading this ages ago.  

Ah well!  

Happy Reading :3

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