Status: I've finally decided to start editing the Snape's Daughter trilogy, hopefully I can finish it within a month or so :3 (1 week ago)


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Jack when the fuck are you going to shave, you look like emo Jesus
-Alex Gaskarth

Great men are forged in fire. It is the privilege of lesser men to light the flame. Whatever the cost.
-War Doctor, Doctor Who


Please be forewarned that my updates are *usually* few and far between, I have a job, a child, and I read a lot, so writing comes and goes. There are days when I can write chapter after chapter but I also have been known to go nine months without writing a single word (only happened once though!) so there's your warning.

Also, my older stories (Snape's Daughter trilogy and Back in Time/Forward in Time are poorly written, starting today (4/15/14) I will be doing my best to edit and rewrite them so that they're easier to read and have way less plotholes, and in a couple of cases, an actual plot. 


Peace and Love,


Fighting for a Life

Fighting for a Life

11 parts / 21 pages, updated Feb 15, 2014PG-13
Elliot was never one to keep secrets from her friends, but as she gets sicker and sicker, she realizes there's not much she can do and she doesn't want to crush her fr... read more
626 reads votes 29 comments 7
Of Water and Ice [Jack Frost]  ::Preview::

Of Water and Ice [Jack Frost] ::Preview::

2 pages, updated Oct 26, 2013
169 reads votes 8 comments 6
The Once and Future King (One-Shot)

The Once and Future King (One-Shot)

3 pages, updated Sep 11, 2013Completed
207 reads votes 8 comments 8
Lily Snape

Lily Snape

30 parts / 49 pages, updated Aug 21, 2013Completed
43,731 reads votes 1,423 comments 333
Interview With The Author [Book Two: Completed]

Interview With The Author [Book Two: Completed]

46 parts / 69 pages, updated Jan 11, 2013PG-13Completed
*Completed* Check out these awesome interviews with some new and amazing authors!
2,464 reads votes 81 comments 30
Harry Potter One Shots

Harry Potter One Shots

4 parts / 7 pages, updated Aug 20, 2013RCompleted
2,360 reads votes 44 comments 30
His Nemesis  [Twilight / Paul Lahote Short Story]

His Nemesis [Twilight / Paul Lahote Short Story]

15 parts / 22 pages, updated Jan 10, 2013PG-13Completed
32,774 reads votes 488 comments 72
Good Morning, Child.  [Book Two]

Good Morning, Child. [Book Two]

11 parts / 56 pages, updated Dec 06, 2012RCompleted
Book Two of the CreepyPastas. [Title subject to change] -- I claim no rights to any of these stories unless otherwise specified.
1,167 reads votes 16 comments 3
Sweet Dreams, Children.  [Book One]

Sweet Dreams, Children. [Book One]

15 parts / 41 pages, updated Nov 03, 2012PG-13PicturesCompleted
Book One of the CreepyPastas -- I take no rights to any of these stories unless otherwise specified.
13,618 reads votes 144 comments 48
That One Normal Girl

That One Normal Girl

11 parts / 18 pages, updated Oct 03, 2012PG-13VideoCompleted
Elloise is, by all definitions, a 'normal' girl. Except for the part where she has an online boyfriend who she has never even met, seen or heard. Not through pictur... read more
51,330 reads votes 436 comments 119
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Jaaack. I like Park, he's great but I seriously love the side a of jack falling in love with jenny. Anyways :3 this book is amazing, I love it so much
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Damn Stavros has my heart srsly.

I've been wanting to watch that but idk what it's about and not enough people have talked about it so I'm kinda like ehhh, is it really that good?...

Gahhhhhhh how do I even live with all these feelings inside of me. I need to know what happens so bad ;-; I hope it goes well and Lana's brother...

So I was reading this and realized that when Amelia was first taken, it says "twelve years later" and then it says "almost ten" (I think in the...
The lost child of Gallifrey...