Guys, I got a new dog and she has broken my computer so there won't be many updates (except for Heart of the Cards) until I can get it fixed.

I'm attempting to completely rewrite Snape's Daughter, edit Only a Girl, and Back In Time/Forward in time plus trying to start The Seeker and the Keeper and just whoa. 

I've got a lot to do ._. 

Please be patient while I attempt to get my computer fixed, and get everything done, thank you <3


♪ Genderqueer, masculine pronouns please ♪ 

I absolutely adore anything BoyxBoy, and Mythology, which is why I recommend RotxInxPieces to anyone who shares these interests!


I'm actually an iffy writer, some days I'm great, some days I suck so a lot of my books need editing.  I also don't update as much as I should.  (Sorry in advance) 


I love music, you'll probably find some band fan fics on here and if you know of any good ones, let me know!


I have a problem replying to comments people leave on my stories too so I'm sorry if I don't reply :c  


Any book related to Pokemon, YuGiOh, Greek mythology, BBC Sherlock, Doctor Who or Supernatural, is a book that I NEED to read, so message me with links or info on stories that you've written or know about <3 


Okay that's all I have to say, have a good day! 

Peace and Love,

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