Hello! This is my new and improve account. My old account, honestly, it didn't really represent me and I felt the need to restart every thing. So at first I wanted to write a lot of stories, but now I feel like I'm more of a reviewer and active reader. Of course I'll write a little here and there but I'm mostly on here to read. Anyways, I've joined Wattpad since 2012 and I'm definitely not new to anything on here (LOL). 

Remember the rules -- no stealing or copying my story. Whatever is on Wattpad stays on Wattpad (unless started otherwise)!
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Manhattan Girl

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Description: [Gossip Girl - Fan Fiction] What if Jenny never left the city? What if she stayed and better herself as a person? Would she and Nate ever date and become a couple officially? Would she fall in love with someone else? Was staying in the city t...

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Becoming The Bad Boy's Best Friend

Becoming The Bad Boy's Best Friend

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Four students becomes best friend's with the baddest boy in San Francisco. Christian, he's the one who...