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The Awkward Life, Of A Boring Girl?

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Description: What happens when you take a normal girl, with a normal life and throw in a dangerous, yet interesting boy? and when this girl isn't used to anyone being interested in her, let alone two people being interested in her, what does she do...? Lauren's...

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So many questions and never enough answers. Deep thoughts and feelings of the unknown.

One Day

One Day

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Just a short story about a tragic and emotional event in history. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Inspired2Inspire

One Person Can't Change Everything?

One Person Can't Change Everything?

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Is this true? Did Leelah Alcorn deserve this? Did anyone ask for this? Or are we all just born in a time...

Just Lies.

Just Lies.

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Why would you do that? That's what they'd ask accusingly, if they knew. But they don't. I won't let them...