Trilingual ;D
I love Manhattan. 
I only like cold weather.
I have a dog, who is very unintelligent. 
I want to be a speech pathologist.
I love history.
I love to cook.
I have no hand-eye coordination.
I love The Killers.
I'm not fond of theme parks or babies.
I hate olives, arugula, capers, maple syrup, molasses, and licorice.
I like to be nice to people.
I hope you enjoy my stories.

Much Love~
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Sincerely, Harris

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Description: Harris Melbers wears harshly-bleached button-ups beneath navy hoodies. Harris enjoys the harsh scrape of his corduroy pants whenever he squelches down the hall to Macro Economics. He's had one girlfriend during his teenage existence, and even then...

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Hey guys! I've just posted a brand new story called Sincerely, Harris. It's going to be a completely new type of genre that I'm looking to try, that will be a mix of romance and a thriller. I'd really really appreciate to hear some feedback from you guys, and I hope you enjoy!
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@sssnoopy yea I'm sorry for such a long hiatus haha school and life have been hectic. But a quick summary - Rachel hurt Jenna when she went out trying to find Lukas, who chose to disappear after Leah showed up. So Rachel goes to a party trying to find Jenna, who basically chooses to end their friendship, so Rachel gets wasted and Tim shows up. He takes her home and then it goes from there! :D