Hi I am a fun and exciting girl i love to hang out with friends and annoy my siblings(:! I am a big flirt so no one be worried!! I love to party! OOOO forgot to mention I am 14!!! Thanks for being a fan!!!!(:
Flirt- always
Don't like me-fuck you
can't stand me-don't fuckin look or talk to me!
if u think i am a bitch-it's MS.BITCH
You should chat if ur boring ---don't bother talking to me!
Some advice to all the people that r reading this *live to the fullest*
*Don't let ur life just be about DRAMA*cuz honestly i HATE it*
TIP:* im am not PERFECT so don't expect it!!*

 ~ Do what makes u happy                                                         LIVE
      ~ Be with who makes u smile
          ~Laugh as much as u breathe
              ~Love as long as u live

     I dont have the pritiest face for u 2 look at
           or the skiniest waist for u 2 hold
but i promise i have the biggest heart 2 love u with
     I keep myself busy with things to do,
            but every time i pause i
                  i still think of u
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