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Hi! I'm Kitten (Nickname)! I'm just a regular teen who loves incest couples and romance. Want to become a co-writer? P.M. me, how can I trust you with the password, and your writing skills! 
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Name: Kitten :3
Likes: One Direction, Emo Couples, Incest Couples, Kawaii, Lisa Frank, Tea, Books, Anime, Manga, Comic Books, Drawing
Dislikes: Rumors, Eating While Talking, Bullying.

Name: Bubbles ^~^ 
Likes: Friends, Couples, Reading, Music, Nutella, Cotton Candy, Sleeping O.O...Food... :D Incest Stories cx
Dislikes: Mean people, Needles, Annoying Stuck Up People, O.O Prune Juice.. xP

Name: Ginger
Like: Reading, Cuddling, Fall Colors, Books, Snuggling by the fire, Incest Stories, Gay Couples, Canadians
Dislikes:Rumors, Tiny Dogs, Bullying, Fake Friends


Brother+Sister {Incest Story}

Brother+Sister {Incest Story}

4 parts / 2 pages, updated Jan 26, 2014R
163,850 reads votes 734 comments 168


1 page, updated Nov 23, 2013PGPictures
A quiet, adventurous 14-year girl, Summer Williams goes on the biggest adventure with her worst enemy, Jake. Jake and Summer are paired up together in a school project, suddenly, ... read more
203 reads votes 7 comments 1

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Hey, hon, thanks for the advice! ;)
Brother+Sister {Incest Story}

Updated!!! Enjoy Chapter 2
Brother+Sister {Incest Story}

@HannahNicoleJones If you don't like it, don't read my story, anyway, thank you for reading.
Brother+Sister {Incest Story}

Thanks for all the lovely comments, babes! xx
Brother+Sister {Incest Story}

@DylanBieberx Okay! I will update it right now!
Brother+Sister {Incest Story}