Hey, the name's ALICE! 

"You don't get to choose if you get hurt in this world, but you do have some say in who hurts you..." - Augustus Waters (The Fault in Our Stars- John Green)

Why do perfect boys only exist in fiction?

- 17 I London 

- Pizza is my bae 

- Teen Wolf I TVD I PLL I Supernatural I The 100 I 

- Ed Sheeran I One Direction I Lawson I The Fray I Ariana Grande I and many more...

- Nina Dobrev is queen 

- Dylan Obrien is perfection

- Talk to me sometime?

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Mr Hunter Grey {Student/ Teacher} [on hold]

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Description: {CoverbyCall-Me-Bell} Avery Brooks is a prankster and was on suspension for a prank that she pulled on her head teacher but now she's back and ready to pull more pranks but this time will the head teacher be her target or perhaps a new teacher, a ce...

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Hot and Dangerous

Hot and Dangerous

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{Completed} What would you do if one of the most wanted criminal forced you to drive him to his safe ho...

Persuade me Mr Alpha {Editing- Some things may get changed}

Persuade me Mr Alpha {Editing- Some things may get changed}

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{Completed} Katherine loved her new life, her new pack and most of all her boys! They welcomed her into...

Really want to write a fanfic but I'm not sure if I should write a Luke Hemmings fanfic or a Harry Styles fanfic (even though Harry fanfics are everywhere!)
InWonderLandAgain commented on Hot and Dangerous - Chapter 11

                 "Oh my god I did it." I turned to face him with a smile on my face and he was smiling too and then I noticed our close proximity as our breaths mixed. His blue eyes l...
Lol wattpad won't let me edit it!
InWonderLandAgain commented on Hot and Dangerous - Chapter 15

             "I'll drive" Cole got up and made his way into the drivers seat while I sat in the passenger seat, he put his hoodie on and I wore his snap back to cover our identity. We wer...
I've never been. In fact I've never been to America but from what I could tell on Google images Idaho looks very pretty! Ha ha.