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Hiiyaa. (:

16, the Netherlands, not good at this stuff so...

Singing ~ soccer ~ weekend ~ summer ~ music ~ movies ~ chocolate ~ sun ~ my programmes ~ youtube

[x] In my little spaceshuttle.
[ ] A writer.
[x] A Dutchie. (Means I'm from the Netherlands. If you know where that is; you're awsum ;3 if you don't know; it's a small country in Europe).
[x] Loves Wattpad.
[x] Has a weird laugh.
[ ] Likes peanut butter.
[x] Thinks that giants excist, but you can't see them because they are just too big. 
[x] Thinks that the thing above is very logical.
[x] Very good at overreacting, in a not drama queen way ofcourse. 
[x] Hates the tangles in my earphone wires. And is always too lazy to untangle them.

Ask me questions anytime you want (:

x A person in an imaginary spaceshuttle.

Him: ''What do you wish for?'' Her: ''For someone to kiss me in the rain. What's yours?'' Him: ''That it starts to rain.''
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