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I have decided to start over and create a new account (indigocove). However I'm leaving this account up because I won't be transferring everything to this new one.

However, I do plan on completing Lemons and Limes on that account. Thanks so much for your dedication.


When Insomnia Strikes

When Insomnia Strikes

2 parts / 3 pages, updated Jun 04, 2012PG
When Insomnia Strikes is really just my journal. How it works is that whatever I'm thinking about at 11:11 becomes that night's topic. I suffer from Insomnia which k... read more
177 reads votes 5 comments 0
Lemons and Limes

Lemons and Limes

6 parts / 15 pages, updated Apr 01, 2012PG
Rose Summers does NOT live a normal life. In a world where books become dragons, chalk drawings become people, and it rains green gumballs you don't often find normality. ... read more
1,488 reads votes 65 comments 73
Different (A Manifesto)

Different (A Manifesto)

4 parts / 2 pages, updated Oct 23, 2011GCompleted
These may be just some poems, Something to help you through. For the Manifesto contest, I wrote this just for me and you. I usually write songs so poetry feels ri... read more
269 reads votes 25 comments 33
The Mixed up Adventures of Elise Potter : Book One : The Sorcerers Stone

The Mixed up Adventures of Elise Potter : Book One : The Sorcerers Stone

3 parts / 11 pages, updated Aug 01, 2011PG
Elise doesn't have a last name. Why should she? She was raised in an orphanage afterall. One day, however, she gets a letter accepting her ... read more
1,779 reads votes 32 comments 38
Blue Eyed Swans

Blue Eyed Swans

26 parts / 55 pages, updated Jul 17, 2011PGVideoCompleted
All her life Celeste Evans has loved magic, songwriting, and swans. She even spent her younger years wishing it was real, but when she gets caught up in a huge attack from... read more
22,611 reads votes 440 comments 358
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