Hey guys! If you want me to read your story, tell me! I'll make sure to fan, AND read your story! 
Man I love reading!!!!
Did I mention I love reading??

Please read my VERY short stories, vote and comment. It'll mean the world to me!

*Don't hesitate to chat with me or PM me xD I love meeting you all! And I'm a good listener if you ever need anything. No, I won't think you're weird if you PM me even though I don't know you. Sometimes talking to a stranger is much better than talking to someone you know :) *

Peace out!

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It's Time

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Description: Danielle Weisz thought her life was finally settling down. But as she got the job of her dreams, her life was only just beginning.

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An amazing song by Matisyahu. The lyrics speaks for itself.

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Hopefully someday dreams will come true.

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It's a small little thing I wrote for school. Enjoy! :)