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Name Zekeee
Location In bed... Having sex. Just kidding!
Birthday Aug 11
Member Since Mar 25, 2012
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This is Zeke :)
He is incredible in everyday possible
It's impossible not to like him because he's so sweet, and nice, and funny :)
He always makes me laugh :) 
And he gives the best hugs in the entire world <3 
He's always there when people need him, he's a really good listener. He always makes me feel better when something bad happens, and no matter how insecure I get he stands by me and changes my mind. 
He turned 16 in the summer, but he still can't get his drivers license because he failed the test 4 times :') 
He's a science geek ^_^
Ilovehimsoooooomuch<3 he's mine ^_^ 
He's so handsome, obviously, I mean look at that face ^_^ 
He's my bitch, he does everything I ask ;D
So talk to him, he's amazing :)

My awesome people :3
 @Skylie I'm so sorry..
 @Neonlights4life ~ STOP KISSING ME :*
 @SirLaddingtonIII Pretty cool 
 @Justaloser your username says it all...


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