**HACKED BY JAZZYY ** nice pword ;) Lolz 
J A Z Z Y . W A Z . H E R E < 3 
Hey thare 
 I'm jake 
  18 yrs old (lies ur 18 and a half ) 
   I was forced to make this by @JasminIZBORED -my bitch- <3 
   Ily babe :) (ily too!) 
Thangs bout this bitch right here:
I LOVE JUSTIN BEIBER :) -luv ur bitch
-my fav color is Jasmin 
-my fav food is Jasmin (I'm not food ..even though u do try to eat me ) 
-my fav sport is Jasmin (sounds wrong) 
-my fav movie is Jasmin (mine too!)
-My fav person is Jasmin (OMG ME TOO HIGHFIVE!) 
-My fav bitch is Jasmin (<3) 
-I own her :) (lies)
- I luv bitches like Jasmin 
-I luv Jasmin. 
-Jake (is a butt) 
---BITCHes r cool ---
I LOVE JAZZY ! (I didnt write that )!
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    In her pants ;)
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