Hey, judging by my username, it pretty much says that your brave enough to look onto this profile.


I'll fan you if your EPIC or have awesome stories!!

So, let's see...
I guess the first thing is I am a female...
1) I'm 15
2) I'm awesome
3) l LOVE turtles!
4) I LOVE anime!
5) I'm against animal abuse
6) I'm against racism
7) I hate people who are sexist!
8) I stand up for all of my friends! (unless I'm scared to the core then it'll take me a while...)

Bleach - first anime (ITS GONNA END)
Naruto - FAV anime ( ITS ENDED T.T)
Death Note - First anime I FINISHED
Attack on Titan - brilliant!
...and there is way too many more! ^.^

Anyone who has challanged me to a fight, moslty boys, have always failed! ;)

My little brother sometimes hacks into my computer and creates virus paradise so...one of the many excuse I use ^-^ XD

I will unfortunately be unable to update as often as I would like due to there being exams this year which they say "won't decided your entire future" but they really do.


Thank you for reading and


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Naruto Uzumaki. He's got awesome blonde hair stlye along with goggles (I've got some too ^_^) alwas an orange jump suit and over excited and energy!
Oh dear turtle...I'm so sorry! Ugh, sugar...I'll (probably maybe not hopefully yeah not gonna happen) fix this in the future