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Basically, all you need to know are these few simple things;

My name is Emily
I'm 13 years old
I love punk rock bands
I'm addicted to reading and writing
I've read too many books to count
Writing fanfiction is what I'm best at
I love animated movies, and also marvel movies. 
I love anime, especially Free!
Netflix is my favourite thing ever
Doctor Who is my all time favourite TV show, but I love a lot more
Bagels and soup are amazing k

and that's it I guess. Please follow me, & vote and comment on my stories. Thanks :*

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[ ] 150 votes


Tragic Magic

Tragic Magic

22 parts / 38 pages, updated Sep 13, 2014PG
Leslie is an antisocial bookworm, with a hidden love for ghosts. There was this man once who invented a serum you can take and the serum allows you to see ghosts, but nobody ... read more
1,862 reads votes 88 comments 26
Stalk Her

Stalk Her

21 parts / 16 pages, updated Feb 05, 2013PGPicturesCompleted
3 teenage girls. Murdered. Allison Jepson didn't think she'd be the next victim. Caleb Marsh has been Allison's crush since kindergarten. When the notes bring the two of them c... read more
508,280 reads votes 5,228 comments 1,314

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I've been writing it since Nov. 1st, I only just posted the story on wattpad now ahah :)
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