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Welcome to my page!
Let me tell you some things about me.

1. I can be very random but also very predictable.
2. I love to read but don't usually take suggestions...
3. If you have a suggestion i only read on my other account Unsocialwithaiphone. This account is for the story or stories i plan to write.
4. I love making new friends and meeting new people especially if they are
          In love with cupcakes
          In love with tacos
         Mexican (dont ask i dont know)
         From another country
         My long lost twin
         Music Lovers (any kind)
         I might have a plan to assassinate Justin Bieber but dont be offended if your a fan right now it    seems like a long shot.
         In love with Dean from Supernatural 's voice.
         Are Jensen Ackles
         Know Jensen Ackles, Jesse mccartney, Lacey from flyleaf, batman, Haley Williams, or Andy                         Samberg..
         If you love reading,
         And if you love reading anything i may right.

I have an obsession with Lollipops, cupcakes, celebrities and cliches just cuase its nice seeing how people put there own spin on it.

I hate stories on quizilla that are like " batman's niece who got kidnapped out of a boarding school that i was the only girl in, by the joker who is actually a vampire who i was supposed to marry but then i met justin bieber who is actually a werewolf and now im in love with both guys but im also Justins mate and edward cullen just told me im a witch who will save everyone from this magical prophecy that no one knows anything about but i apparently have been waiting my whole life for even though all this is happening in the span of 3 months...did i mention im pregnant by one of them but dont know which and my baby has to live or the profecy will never be complete and i also may die.....Aren't i so lucky!"

^ I had fun with that XD Msg me!


The Witch's Vampire

The Witch's Vampire

2 parts / 4 pages, updated Sep 08, 2011PG-13
Lacey has been in college for 3 months and has surprisingly managed to keep herself out of trouble so far, Until she meets Alyx. A vampire who seems to have made it h... read more
159 reads votes 3 comments 4

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